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From the times when messages were sent via birds to those being posted using the postal services and finally the electronic media, world has witnessed not only the changes inmode but also the changes in emotions related with the messages. There is no doubt a change in the level of our happiness when comparing to getting a message via someone far through the electronic media and the same message being sent through posts. We are always moving forward in simplifying things for our ease but after paying lot more than what is visible.

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Though electronic medias have brought world together just a click away, a call away, yet it can’t compare with the happiness shared after posting a letter to a dear one. At boarding schools when receiving a letter from family from friends was like conquering the world in the peer group and when writing back was a tough work hiding what you wanted to write from your in-mates. And then going through the letters whenever you found lone time, placing the letter closer as if it can listen to your heartbeats and silently shedding a tear thinking of the days. The joy is now lost some where.

You want to say something to your friend millions of miles away, its just a click distance away. Its a great achievement indeed where time counts more, many urgent messages can be sent and received comparing to those when one had to wait for days and weeks to hear from the other.

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But still i opine that we must not let this culture die in darkness on its own forgetting our school days when receiving a hand written letter made us triumph in joy. So write down a letter to someone you haven’t seen for years and send them.

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“Though you can call them, send messages through whatsapp, or other social medias, just be an insane and give some more breaths of life to our postal services, so the upcoming generations can also witness the joy that once we had.

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