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I engaged myself into the music

Even had a sleep to be relieved too.

But I was very helpless out here

Cause all the time I was missing you.

I tried to finish my literature

Unfold pages were left, very few.

But I couldn’t get it right

Cause intensively I was missing you

I took a piece of chocolate to eat

And gave a thought on what was new?

Couldn’t control my throbbing heart

At the very moment, I missed you

I sat alone with solitude around

Watched the grasses green and the skies so blue!

But a part of me was drifted that far

To realize the ignored, that I was missing you

And then tears dribbled down my face

And you weren’t around, no where to my view!

I felt so very lone, am so lonely, mother..

Cause your longings kept me missing you