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I used to watch her at times I went to my residential place on holidays or sometimes weekends. We would meet at the  evening walks generally and when she would embrace me, it felt as the world is in my grasp. Having lost my Grand-ma a few years age, had left me with a void in my heart that kept me longing for her love even when she was gone. And i found this love in this adorable lady, my Grand-ma from my neighborhood. In her, i found my long lost LOVE and in me, she finds an audience she can speak to, share her smiles and pain, ask me for a remedy and sometimes giving me remedies on my problems. Being true friends!

When I failed in one of the exams after high schools to enter the medicine stream, being lost in despair, losing my mind, i asked her- Grand ma, why me?

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After putting all my labor, burning the candles at night when others wee sleeping, why i couldn’t succeed?

What she said was, its just fine, don’t be upset. Something better awaits for you and further more may be there was something missing in your preparations? She said, its not misfortune on your being a failure, its fortunate, cause you are among such lucky children who can go to school and pursue your dreams. There are millions who dream to attend the school. So be optimistic and not be blue.

How magical were these words!!

I guess they changed more of me and made me a better person.

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It was recent when i got to see her after a gap of two whole years, when i was engaged in completing my post graduation in veterinary surgery, that i yearned to become :). She looked pale and lean  thin, with more wrinkles covering her charismatic face and a dull voice. I was so moved, for what has happened these years? She suffered renal-failure, and almost lost all her hopes to recover. And as i hugged her in my being sentimental, she almost cried and said why me?” I felt it was time to return her what i received from her..

I said, how lucky we are to be provided with medical care, all the charges that incurs the treatment, and above all, being getting the diagnosis and therapies on time, and a loving family to care after you. When there are thousands of people who die without even reaching the hospitals, many die as they can’t afford the medication, still many whose ailments couldn’t be diagnosed well on time and the worst, those who get killed in natural calamities, terrorist attacks, in-born diseases, road accidents, aircraft crashes and the list is infinite. Are we not lucky enough to be living, however we are, wherever we are, and with whatever problems we have? Then why giving up?

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Its not the end. We all will die one day, then why to die being a loser? Why not being a winner? Why not turn the misfortunes to fortune? Why not being hopeful having a strong will. Miracles happen each day! And miracles are just one thought away..

As i spoke of it, i almost cried and so was she, in my arms, weeping like a child, and kissing my face and said…yes..we are lucky enough to be living! I felt as i conquered the world after she said.. “I WON’T QUIT”

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Be a fighter, whatever condition you are in…and say…why not me!! 🙂