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Day after other, we come across people saying- i need an inspiration so i can put myself to work..oh, i don’t have right inspiration…whom must i inspire…etc etc

I wonder, do we need an external means to be inspired or to be patient? Were we born with an escort, to tell us how to do a thing, where to land, and cry with us in our despair or enjoy the pizza on our part? The answer is NO” definitely. Then why we are coming across such incidences, when the masses are finding themselves in oceans of frustrations leading to drug-addictions, self molesting and like, Why are they searching for an inspiration to find what they are?

My question is, where is nature finding its inspiration from? How a small seed buried into an unknown land, knows its time to sprout and then to bud out from the barriers of soil binding it inside? How it knows what height it should grow and how long it should breathe?

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Who tells a bud to bloom? And how it knows to spread its fragrance in the world?

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Where come a pupa in its cocoon hears that now is the time to break open its shell? And who tells it what colored wings it must acquire?

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The answers to all these and many alike questions is, no inspiration from outside world! They are inspired from their own selves, from their own existence. We have an immense source of inspiration within our own self. As long as we are motivated by ourselves, nothing on Earth can bring you down. Nature has gifted us with all the beautiful things, if we fail to estimate our worth, silently watch these small little things, how they are willing to fill you with more of joy and enthusiasm and saying that, nothing compares to you! Be your inspiration and then see, the miracle following your step. 🙂

Life given once, the best gift in world, don’t bind your souls to slavery of pain, drugs, hatred, depression… Love yourself and inspire yourself…

As in words of Abraham Lincoln-

“Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

So….believe in your being and love yourself..

The power lies within YOU!!