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Its amazing, how nature knows every little part of us? And how wisely, she relates things with us, always at the heart. It teaches, maybe its not your day but surely, there’s always a tomorrow awaiting, by perpetuating the changes in days and nights. She reveals that no phases in life, whether of joy or sorrows, will last forever by the changes in seasons, we see.

As every ounce of it is filled with an inspiration to spread… Through the tears, as i see the rainbows, decorating the margins of the sky, as if its wiping away my oceans and coloring my thoughts with hopes and gay.

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Walking down the streets, sometimes, so frustrated and tiresome of the monotonous life schedules, and suddenly, there i hear the chirps, small little birds, flocking together vibrantly, and the gusts letting the dried leaves to shed on my way, as if i was a king walking down my empire and birds singing on my appraisal and trees decorating my way with leaves as if were flowers, in my honor.. Hahahahah  🙂

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The long day work, sometimes that even want to engulf my nights, when i sigh and feel, what am i up for? Still no time for me to rest? I walk to my terrace staring at the blue-black sky, where i see those millions of twinkling “FIREFLIES”, the distant stars, how they are willing to brighten up my nights, as if saying that we are here, being awake with you, till you work, accompanying you, through the night. Ahh!! It just fills me with a strange energy, to return back to my desk, and complete the task, am ought to.

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Million ways, how nature keeps inspiring me. As if like a mother, its embracing me, throughout the day, every moment, every day. Reaching out, to that sky…where i feel the moon shines for me, and the stars are awake, only for me.. I feel to be blessed and at the moment, it feels, yes!! I can do it..

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With the responsibility that I’ve been entitled with, as long as the inspirations keep flowing, there’s nothing that can stop me, excelling them. 🙂