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What pace did time took that it flew us to this day? Can’t imagine that we already stepped up that “teen zone”. How naughty you had been and me, so mischievous. Do you remember, once i hid those frogs into your closet, and how frightened you were watching them jump all over your space, and me, so lost in my laughter.

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And that day, when you were teaching me to ride my bicycle, you just let go me off your support to eventually make me fall. But as i cried, i guess you suffered more than me! But you couldn’t say anything, only your tears could reveal your heart.

How we grew up? Being in each other’s attires, sharing all the stuffs, and your favorite shoe, that i said, i won’t return it back to you. You yelled and cried. But don’t know, why I ever won and ever got what I wanted. Owning your every toy, your every gift, your favorite comics and what not?


How we used to be together, even if we fought, we got to stick around, though with “cold silence” but still together. Those sleepless nights, when we couldn’t see each other. People were compelled to say, we were like the flower and its fragrance, that can’t be without either and do you remember when Jonathan’s mom specified us in his birthday eve, saying, “oh! here comes the coin with two heads” so inseparable. We were kids,not knowing what people thought of us, being so cute and lively, we enjoyed every bit of every day. And that pizza? We fought on for the last bite and hurt each other as we became weirdly aggressive over nothing, to land me to the ER, with bleeding mouth, which gained me 6-stitches and complete ten days with only liquid diet. Were you crying outside my room? I heard of those silent foot steps that just stopped by my door, trying to come in, but out of insecurity and guilt, keeping oneself restricted to the door and weeping so no one can see, no one can hear. Was I such a black sheep for you? Always making you cry, and always getting your stuffs.

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And when we walked down the streets….long walks and long chats, holding hands together, discussing on every little thing and those stupid discussions on our parents? Hahahahahah…


I just can’t forget. How innocent were we, to say, why she can’t cook delicious food? and why we need to tell him everything where we are and why? and most importantly, when we used to say, i hate it when they fight, and shout on each other, throwing things, hitting each other, saying to get divorced!!

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How innocent were we? to think ways to keep them united, bound with love. And our stupid ideas, of writing them letters by each other’s side and asking sorry for what was said or done? Telling that am a lucky husband/wife getting you as my soul mate! Saying…lets not fight, lets live under this roof…in love and peace.

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Do you think, they knew, we wrote them on each other’s behalves? Still if they did, what you think? were we crazy? Or were we so mature ahead of kids of our ages, to think and act that way? Were we weird? I can’t imagine, how we synchronized our thoughts and perceptions that brought us this far?

Being grown ups….at two corners of the world..how our hearts still beat the same way, as it used to, when we were together? For i couldn’t imagine to part from you, the biggest fear for me, has ever been to be away from you, the seclusion thing. But see how am bearing with it? Distance still doesn’t matters for you, for me. Which strand keeps us this close even when we are miles and miles away? How the changes of time couldn’t change our bonding, our thoughts, our feelings, emotions and everything else, that made, you and me…US?

Is it because, we share the same blood? Or because we are sisters? Or because our dreams ever had been same…to keep them together, so they won’t divorce? I don’t know. But one thing is sure..you understand me better than anyone, and maybe that’s why, you have been my best friend ever since…

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Whoever we marry with and wherever time may land us…any place, any where, one thing will remain forever….us.

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And whatever be the day on my calender, i’ll ever belong to you, as you belong to me.. ❤