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Life has always been a fantasy.Dream world being the best place to be. And planning for the future is worth a thing to spare the best of one’s time. Have always been dreaming and then working for it. Is it pleasing? Or am i so selfish about what i desire to get. I wonder how these dreams keep me moving and going forward till i reach to it and then picking up another so i could keep going without a break. How i decide which one to choose and how my heart starts believing on things never seen, things that never were..

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Perceiving a dream..as if am building a castle, brick by brick, pillar by pillar, slowly and slowly..each day..without getting chained by a monotonous schedule or a monotonous dream! What keeps me spirited and keeps alive the enthusiasm over repeated cycles of dreams, perceptions, efforts and a dilemma that sometimes embraces my will, trying to thwart my steps ahead. But the next moment, am standing back at the battle field, with all my weapons needed.

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Even as days pass, one dream replaces other and so..nothing stops.. Even as am entangled with other realities of life, the emotions, love and hatred, pain and laughter, family stuffs and the expectations of the materialistic world….still…one thing has never left my side….my endless dreams…that even if going gets tough, motivate me to sail through the hardest of the day or toughest of the night, to an endless journey…telling me…its just the beginning and still, what i recall from those childhood days beautiful lines by my favorite poet, “Robert Frost“- “Miles to before i sleep…miles to go before i sleep”.

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An endless journey…..till i breathe 🙂