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I am so glad to reveal, that today i completed one month in WordPress. Its more of an achievement. Its an awesome feeling. I never thought before writing, its all that just came to my mind or ringed at my heart, which went through typing them and posting here. Word press being an amazing platform for expressing oneself, but about today’s task, which coincides coincidentally with my one month anniversary in Word press- “give them what they want”. Its certainly a good question!

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What sort of things do other bloggers would like to peek at another’s blog? How to keep them coming back to your blog and keep them linked as long as it could be?

Waaah!! Its really brain storming and i find myself unable to answer them too. So all i could think and put myself to its understanding, i feel, all one needs is “true self” and an “honest heart”. What you write must come from your heart”. That’s all i thought. What you give others, it comes back to you, whether its love, respect or happiness. All i wanna say is “just be your self, love your writing, love your thoughts. We all are different in our ways, everyone being special in one or other thing. So lets enjoy, for what we are.”

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Though am a newbie, don’t know much about writing, all i try is “to be me” when am here, cause through the day, its the best moment i am having. Writing gives me peace and a feeling of completion, though am not perfect, but still am not shy any more in writing out my heart. And getting followers, having their responses have a positive thrust forward, a magical sensation with the birds of smiles flying to my face.” :). Still i need your feedback to improve, please feel free to let me know, what you guys want to read from my blog and your expectations  from “themissiontomars” This will also help me evolve myself to a better self. So looking forward to hear from you guys..

Being here, at “Word press”, where we are given freedom to write our inner selves, and relate to like minded bloggers, who eventually turn out to be more of friends, its like getting wings to fly across the skies of unknown limits, discovering butterflies with different colors to decorate the world, paint the world in a way you want.

So to all those who have been following my blog, finding out their precious of the time to be here, i thank all of you with my heart and i promise to be true in sharing what ever i write and yes, also to be regular.

Specially on this day, where from i started to be a part of this wonderful “Family”, i want to thank “Doncharisma” for being the first follower on my blog. For a newbie like me, being followed for the first time had its magic, motivating me to write through the blank canvas given..But my thanks will also be extended to all the wonderful people i met here, who have brought changes in my views, perceptions, thoughts bla bla bla… for being a part of this “Family” 🙂

Happy blogging to all.. ❤

Wish i’ll have more of the astronauts to Mars” 😀

Love and regards to WordPress community and all my fellow mates 🙂

Stay blessed and happy 🙂