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What are we up to today?

Untold stories of past yesterday?

We were so close, nearest to be,

Starting at you, my world ended at me.

I could hear your whispers unsaid,

Lying awake here, on my bed.

My charms would wrap up your heart,

I ran in your veins, never to be apart.

What you give is what you get,

Love is a feeling not to threat.

To own my pride and all my perceptions,

You needed to be true, unveiled off deceptions.

The treasures of diamond rings, platinum fetters or gold,

Are incompetent to keep me warm of desolation so cold!

All I wanted were you and your time, still none to blame,

For you loving is a bleak business, to me love is an eternal flame.

Through fancies of rainbows and skies of butterflies,

This is the time for me, now to open my blinded eyes.

I love you so much, but no longer am weak or blue,

It’s time to break these walls, till i find someone true.

You said, am not worthy, your love is benevolence,

But love is a river, that your money can’t ever fence.

Am a never returning bird, to your gardens of greed,

Your ego had enough of me, its your time now to plead .