No way man, he was a beast

Ranking top in the most wanted’s list

A murderer with thirsty blade in hand,

Without a team but more than a band

So cruel like a giant monster

Only keeping a distance was a thing better

Mercy was word he never had

worst than anything that could be bad

fierce eyes boiling hot in anger

no one safe, lives in danger

none to stop him anyway

getting more furious with each passing day

red was color he loved to see

that can never be pleasing for you or for me

to kill meant him a pleasure

he loved blood that seemed to be his only treasure

even clever than a cunning fox

as if a storm was enclosed in a compact box

murdering was he only for a name or for fame

but to him life or death were just a game, to play

no answers or clues to these questions

his perceptions were out of imaginations

being a murderer but still a man

all his life who only gave pain

lost in dark as he lied dead

fear ended silently and

no one was afraid

What is an enjambment..Know here 🙂