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Silent winter standing outside my door,

Bruised hands, can’t take no more.

Ebony black agony disguising the night,

No rays of smiles, no hopes of light.

Tear blurred seasons, landing me nowhere,

Only darkness left in my share.

And this mirror, that won’t reflect my face,

Empty emotions, wrap me in embrace.

Sun can’t peek through these fog-laden voids,

Haunts me life, haunts me your voice.

Yells aloud my broken soul, for just one kiss,

Barren dead skin, for a life-filled breeze.

Suffocating remorse sinks deeper to my serenity,

Our love was immortal, an eternity.

Possessed by your spell, i breath you inside,

These fogs won’t melt, however i tried.

Whisper at my ears again, honey am back home,

Return back now, its long since gone.

Before this haze covers my earth and eats my sky,

Peacefully besides you, please let me die.

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