Thanks for sharing this wonderful blessing my friend 🙂
Its so motivational and so beautifully created. To fall is important to rise up later, to fail is important to succeed later, to be what you are even though none has faith in you.
Hope others too find it inspiring for a “love-filled” happy life
Love and blessings to all 🙂

Queen of Hearts

“With broken pieces you can build a masterpiece”

Once upon a time she was let down, betrayed and left behind,
The shiny sky was impossible to be seen as she was totally blind.
Although she felt like losing, the odds were by her side
And she decided to see the light, to take off the veil called ‘blind’.
Time passed so quickly like everything around us does
The world moves quickly, just like technology does
And after one year there she was:
Ready to take the fight, ready to make things right.
‘It shall be darkness in order to be light
It shall be chaos for the world to know order
It shall be cages for us to know freedom
It shall be mistakes so that we can change’,
she thought to herself once while falling asleep
And she sank deep, deep and deep in the realm of dreams.

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