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Like the sun rays that travel in different wavelengths, seems love too travels in similar manner, reaching every heart, crossing every barrier of lands, religions, age, color, species, just like the wavelengths from sun’s light, from the lifeless to the living, world of hopes and endless dreaming, smallest of the life to the biggest, touching every one’s life through the warmth of its finger, love that makes living better, a support that forever will linger, love, that crosses the distances, reaching out to the strangers, grasping the fingers of trust and strumming the heart-strings”, love, in wavelengths, travel all around, looking for the synchronized souls, against the laws of physics which says like repels like, love says, love begets love, what you give is what you receive, reciprocated to the wavelengths of your heart, love, knocking at your door!

So what are you waiting for?

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Reach out your hands, to the wavelength that sets your heart to vibration, let it rhyme the strings of your life with the fingers of compassion, let this music reach your soul, let love enter your heart, surrender the worries to its wavelength, hold on and reach out, love is what we looking for!

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