This one is inspired from one of my good friend- SaBiscuit‘s original post about “Fashion-world and the truth behind celebs-relationships. I’ll be reblogging her post after i complete writing the “found-poetry” from her original works.

I’ll like to add, all copyrights to this work remains with Sabiscuit and i under no means own this piece. This is being used just as a blue-print for my assignment. Sabiscuit is a dynamic writer and is a wonderful person.. Please pardon me, if am violating any rule, i thought it is better to look into my friend’s blog for the base of my “found poetry” instead of going through other’s work.

Sabiscuit please accept the credits to this composition and am thankful to you for being the inspiration..Love and hugs to you sweety ❤

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The screaming fashion

assumes, individuals to be

sensible and wise.

To have reasons

to believe that

exposing legendary designs will

train and create


Fashion understands a positive

attitude to be

a human shield against

silly reflections.

It’s mad, but


It grows self-conscious-being

to wear


To be notorious and awesome


fashion is a


But a wince

under something

blasted for


Critical and heralded.

A cue that won’t produce

love or

sence of security.

Granting world, find ways


admire and equate

a constant

praise or admiration?

But an aspect possible to


An ability not worth

to credit beauty

and smart?

As a franchise to

impress and ignore!

A thought or a parade

of gestures for

support and respect


a sense of entitlement

Instead of gratitude, it makes blind

to foresee

unreasonable demands

creating competitors for


Blind-fashion tears down the ability

to love and care

and give attention

to our loved ones!

Grants a passive


to adore the rejection

manipulating and extracting

the lonely

overwhelmed acknowledgement

as a milestone

to land of