This composition is a reflection of my gratitude for all the bright shining gems who have adorned my space and have made my mission wonderful. Though the list is endless, for every “brick” counts while building a “home” but to name a few SB, Jane, Trablogger, Eva, Reva, Ben, Deanne and Mellisa. πŸ™‚

Hope my heart can be heard off these lines.

Love you all and thanks to everyone for being a part of me, a part of this “family

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A day would come

A day would go.

I trust you though,

You don’t even know!

Each smile fades away past,

Each smile can fill up the gap.

Friendship is a warm compassion,

Inimitable as a mother’s lap.

A memory can live longer than the life,

A memory won’t ever leave you soledad.

Wherever you will be tomorrow,

Think of me when time gets hard.

Words are all I have and,

Words are all I can give.

Trust in me as I on you,

That is friendship in my view ❀

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