A sonnet being a form written in 14 lines of verses with a rhyming style of first eight lines-ABAB, CD,CD or ABBA, CDDC,  Here am trying a more sophisticated form of Sonnet-“Sestina” with rhyming style -ABCD, ABCD and for the last six lines- ABAB, CC.

Have tried my way here, my first attempt 🙂

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Finally came to bid goodbye, but goodbye is not the end,

We had been through dreams and these dreams will remain!

Through the “love-painted” on this walls to the painted love in our soul,

Memories forever will linger with us and we’ll linger with it.

All these spent moments will persist nothing will replace these moments spent,

Though same won’t be the days again, but our hearts will remain the same

Out  of control the days be busy again, but the memories will keep days under control.

When drifted a bit to the past, the joys of past will flood our eyes a bit.

Through the times of day and the days of time,

Tomorrow we’ll be knitting today’s images creating a tomorrow from today.

And the rhyme then playing in the hearts will set our hearts to rhyme,

To say we have no words now, but so much remains left to say!

It so aches my heart and tears fills my eye,

Promise to meet again, please don’t bid goodbye”.

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