Thanks Eva for nominating me for this “five photos five days” event. Am not pretty sure, but here I gave my try. The rules says to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story, either fiction or non-fiction, or a short paragraph, to the photo each. Next to select one person (each day), to carry on this challenge. Accepting the challenge is entirely up to the person nominated, and is not command.

So for Eva, here goes my story, hope it makes up to the mark ❤

Our identity..

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We come cross people in our daily chores of life, even sometimes find our own-self following someone else’s path, sometimes trying to talk like others, wearing what others have been wearing or trying any of the blind idea of being like someone else who in our eyes seem to be an ideal or a perfect person. But can someone really reciprocate the other? Is following someone’s footsteps earn one an identity?

The answer is “NO”. God beautifully made each one of us and imparted each with a unique ability that can’t be replicated by other. Our identity not lies in the materialistic part of world, but it lies in our thoughts, how we perceive things, how we react and what we aspire? What we can do to improve the present so tomorrow be more amazing and not on being a “blind-sheep”. Before praising other, the praise must come for self too, cause god took much pain in making us. Before loving other, we must first love our-self. What you have only can be given to others. So make yourself more rich with the goodness of earth and love of nature, follow your heart, respect your dreams and efforts, love yourself and make this world a place to live. This is what makes an identity ❤

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According to the rules, am starting the cascade, I invite all my readers whoever like to join this and find it convenient and fun. No restrictions no commands, just feel free, but just to start i’ll like to nominate Deanne.

Love and regards to all ❤