Thanks so much for sharing this. Now or then we often come across molestation during work or on roads, hear bad-mouthed comments about ourselves and the most horrible the violence thing. This post gives kind of a positive attitude towards dealing with all the frustration and makes feel strong 🙂
Just in case, it can motivate other ladies in their work 🙂
Ladies!! keep rocking 🙂

Secretary typingI’ve been building this list for a while, but was particularly compelled to publish it after the whole Patricia Arquette debacle at the Oscars. A critique of her lack of intersectionality is warranted. She absolutely messed up. But it was the instant swarm and rapid shredding of a spotlight moment that sank my feminist heart. There was an opportunity for all social justice movements to seize a moment for what it was — a mainstream opportunity to elevate the important issue of women’s access to equalpay and instead we lambasted PA for her imperfections. The result: No one wins.

In this list, I hope we can rebuild and support a robust and intersectional feminist discourse. There’s a lot of work to do, and we can start by learning and hearing everyone’s voice. This list is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the diversity of the feminist movement…

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