It’s painful to see what world is moving towards these days, turning face from truth and washing hands against taking up the responsibility for their deeds..Poor lives to pay for the pleasure of such “brutal-killers”
Wish for a day where man is not a killer..


ألسلام   عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته


Please, give me a chance to live! Please, give me a chance to live!

“If you really love me, you must abort this baby! You don’t have any choice!” said a young man threateningly. The girl looked so sad.
“It’s our baby, dear! We should keep it!”
“I can’t live with that baby! I’m a student, you know that! I don’t have job.
“You’re a COWARD!!!” said a girl crestfallen.
“I don’t care what you said! I give you 5 minutes to think!” The young man looked at her angrily.


Finally, the girl aborted her baby for keeping her relationship with her boy friend. She felt shy if she had a baby without husband. Astaghfirullah!


If the baby can express its feeling, perhaps it will says, “My parents hated me. I don’t know their reason exactly. Why they aborted me? They had broken my body, hurt my heart…

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