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Just so profound!! Am falling for your writing and here i feel inspired by your “i wish” to write something on it…here it goes..

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I wish you knew
How i ever felt
Watching your smiles
And hearing your whispers
I wish you knew
Why i followed your foot steps
Stepping on your foot prints on shores
And blushing red on being found
I wish you knew
My dreams about us
My wandering thoughts
That kept imbibing your warmth
And as now it’s been known
How lucky you make me feel
Though never knowing what i wished
Yet you made all my dreams come true 🙂
I love you ❤

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Writing From My Window

I wish you knew;


I saw us as more.

More than sweaty hands

And breathless kisses

More than a quick smile

More than the glimmer of your eyes


They matched the shine in mine

And I wonder

Why I still wish for you.

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