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Life had ever been so bright and i don’t remember of any of my wishes being denied by my parents. Rather i must say, being the youngest sibling in the family i ever had the advantage of getting my dreams come true even before the words were murmured at my lips. Knowing of all the immunities i was born with, no doubt i have been a real annoyance to my elder brother and the two sisters as i have ever been the “king” owning all the new stuffs, all their gifts and everything they have. Maybe this has been the cause why i had been a stubborn kid, fearless of doing any sort of thing cause deep inside i knew, they adore me more than any one else in the family and they would always stand by my side no matter what i did or if also i was wrong. So negligent of my actions, so wicked in my thoughts and what not.

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To me life and death were just phases, more simply death seemed to be an end to the suffering. And the meaning to be alive was the late night hang outs, wines and babes, driving at the breakneck speeds, owning the branded wardrobe and the accessories and lot of greens in my pocket. This was how i looked at life till this day where time landed me unknowingly, silently and more kind of planned for me to teach me what it actually meant. Being mischievous, all i aspired to become was a business tycoon against my family history. But at this turn of life i found everyone else in the family standing against my side. I really wanted to run away from home that day, for i never learnt to hear “no”. I couldn’t imagine why now they won’t agree with me? Though i never was denied of anything i ever asked or wished for? Then why now?

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 I was so frustrated that day that i filled myself completely with alcohol and didn’t returned back home for days. For couple of weeks i avoided talking to either of my family members and for a while was indulged in drug-addictions too. Never thought i was going to be like this, standing all alone in the dark, with none around, none on my side, as if i ever was alone. I never wanted to be just an ordinary person existing on this planet, i wanted to be special, i want to be special is what i kept thinking. But….

to be continued …………………………………………………………..