I never wanted to be just an ordinary person existing on this planet, i wanted to be special, i want to be special is what i kept thinking. But why life at this stage looked as kind of betraying me after the fair pledges of roads of roses and lilies. I had no doors left to knock at after i ran out of the credits, had no shelter to take instead to crawl back to that home which in these days started appearing to be an alien-land to me and all the members being my biggest enemies.

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Soon i had to realize i have to abide by the words of my father, even though i had part time jobs at city cafe and the fun-land but the money i earned was in no means sufficient to land me into an established business of my dreams, which could only be realized once i had monetary support from the family. I felt to pass on these days of struggle following their views and aspirations for me till the day i gain their confidence to finally get the jackpot to start my business. Being up-brought in such an atmosphere to have developed in me this stubbornness, i under no means thought to surrender what i wanted, not to anyone, not at any cost, this i promised myself.

 Then came those days of training that eventually felt as breaking each of my bones and churning my entire viscera each day to leave me exterminated and consuming my night in recollecting the broken pieces scattered after the spine-breaking days of labor. Merely passing those days was all i thought and i endured with all the pain putting my every effort in getting through those days. Through the tedious of the days one thing kept screwing me days and night why my father chose this profession and why my brother too followed his footsteps? I kept questioning my inner-self striving to find the unknown answers hidden in the pages of time. But i could never reach to any conclusion through the blind-folded darkness. And when days became weeks and weeks changed to months i couldn’t take hold of. But one thing that even then occupied my heart was my dream. It never left my side through the changes of seasons.

Soon the training ended and i along with my new friends started working at the government institute. Unaware of the secret where life was taking me, at which pace and leading me to which lands? Things were………..