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Soon the training ended and i along with my new friends started working at the government institute. Unaware of the secret where life was taking me, at which pace and leading me to which lands? Things were more complicated than what it actually appeared like. Sooner i was completely absorbed with the monotonous schedule, but was my mind deviated from those thoughts of young age? I could never waver away from my dream of just not existing, boiled blood through my veins kept gushing making me stronger with every heart beat.

Through the sirens and the lights, sometimes working over-time without having notice of night or the day, i was moving unconditionally, unknowingly to follow my family-job. Investing more of my dreams to earn more of me. Often this question came ringing in my head for what i really want to be? Days had eventually taught me the real meanings of my life, but i guess i was scared to accept the truth or more coward to keep feeding my pride with my purported beliefs. As if i was living a dual life between reality and aspirations, introspecting deeply but failing to find my answers.

To be a part of rescue team implied an identity to my name, to my existence and more importantly now i realized the hidden secret why my father wanted me to be a part of this profession. Each day brought me new challenges and each day i learnt new tactics to keep alive. Risking my own breaths for a noble cause made my life so exciting. I no longer remained that stubborn person i once used to be. Not only my relations with my family was taking a new shape, but also my outlook towards myself, my friends, this life was budding happily.

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Whatever i did in life, all i wanted was to be special and being in this sphere of life, though with a hundred countrymen, i still felt that am special. Might my hunger for such a recognition in the society kept making me more greedy with each passing day and being a part of this work kept feeding my selfish desires. Time was pacing smoothly and somewhere that adamant boy was fading slowly into the pages of time. How wonderful it was to be different from the crowd, having your own name, having an identity not cause of your family-background, but entirely because of your own work! The very thought tickled me even when i was asleep. With my golden wings i was conquering my skies and i loved how suddenly time made me special. This is what i wanted from life, not being an ordinary person but being special until….

to be continued……………………..