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With my golden wings i was conquering my skies and i loved how suddenly time made me special. This is what i wanted from life, not being an ordinary person but being special until that day which completely changed my life, my identity, my thoughts, my everything.

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Until that day i was brimming with pride for being that special in life when i watched the mere difference of just one moment defining life and death. I had been trained to overcome conditions like that but i never came across such circumstance of rescuing a life through my job of being a fire-fighter until that dark night. Owning the crown on my head i had been extinguishing rivers of fire, fields of flames and controlling the holocausts. And i had been happy doing that. But as it’s said, things are planned and every thing happens for a cause.

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Wearing my uniform, stepping inside the building through the extension-ladder and peeking through my helmet, i noticed someone breaking out through the clouds of smoke, yelling to be saved, struggling through the flames. Others were carrying the water-hoses, the foam extinguishers and other tools, so it was my work then to save that person. Adrenaline gushed through my veins and it was the moment either to turn my back or to reach my hands through those hazy “black-hole”. At that multi-storeyed building, from that height, he kept saying me to be an angel sent by God to save his life and i was so uncertain if i could save him along with my life or we both going to be baked together. Breaking the window i entered into that room to find him stuck under the trashed pillar colored red with the blood from his bruises and injuries. Even under such destitute condition, his eyes were shining bright with hopes and it was his trust which kept my will ignited even if it costed my life. I decided not to surrender no matter what happens. I blinked my eye i ran into him to pull him out, carried him on my back, blew my whistle and jumped blindly onto the trampoline stretched by other crew members at the ground.

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Million thoughts ran into my mind that time. In a short duration i could see myself growing up from that stubborn child to a “fire-fighter” and raising more from being an ordinary man to this elated prestige of an angel. Life which i never regarded more than a phase suddenly taught me the meaning to be living. Traversing the leaps from death to breaths i learnt why my father loved this job and why my brother too joined it without any issues, why my family wanted me to pursue this career and why i was given this gift of life?

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The man i shared my breaths with, was being treated under intensive care due to severe injuries and burn while i, with my negligent scratches and bruises, waiting outside that hospital room, on being noticed by that man’s family, all of a sudden became god! They were thanking me, praising me, giving me blessings, incarnating me to be his image. When i rose above the reality of my being, was i wanting all such treatment? It truly was my reward that he was alive but more than that i found myself to be what i am? I had a sleepless night that day, wandering through that “leap” over and over again, digging deep through my soul and churning my existence. Life was  more than what i thought it was.

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I woke up to a new life the next day. I all of a sudden became a hero with a special treatment, that i had been running behind since years. But realizing the true meanings, enlightening my existence what i now wanted from life, was to be just an ordinary man. The tags of being special, were heavy enough that my shoulders could bear, something more than what i could afford in this life. Finally being known all the secrets, i no longer was what i was yesterday, i found the reason for my living, my existing and i felt blessed to be what i am. I realized it was hard to be special but easier to be just an ordinary man!! 🙂