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The day past, never returns. Though the guilt, the remorse and repents of “past-mistakes” keep surrounding our happiness, covering the hopes and faith under the clouds of regrets and the un-told confessions left to echo at the walls of heart..

And the “blood-tinged tears” that keep tainting the innocence, pushing one further into the abysses of self-hatred and frustration!

If God had created us to be perfect, would not he be standing at queue with those perfect persons to prove himself to be the best among others. And as we make mistakes isn’t it makes certain that we are merely his creations and we can’t take his place.

Instead of repenting on past that won’t melt out of the tears you cry, why not focus on the present and try to make it better, gracious and keep those repents in mind as a lesson to tread forward from deserts to forests and the plateaus and the peaks of life. Why to trace those footprints on the ground when it is known that nothing stays forever? Even the water washes away those prints left at the shores and the wind carries away with it the traces of one’s presence from the surface.. If you fear to walk alone, then why to walk with the “albatross-of-guilt”? Why not walk with the faith holding you tight?

None is perfect, we all are trying to be something closer to “perfect” and we all commit mistakes for, it’s part of being human, part of being alive. Why to trace those paths of past days mistakes filled with pain, let’s walk into the paths of hopes and love.

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So forgive yourself on every such remorse and tell yourself, there is always another chance, move ahead, embrace life, love yourself ❤