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Wow!! ❤ Had been quite a busy time, hectic schedule and messed up routine all this long to keep me away from “respiring through my writings”. But it always feels great coming back to home (WordPress Family) and i feel rejuvenated..Awesome!! 😀

Am happy to share a big leap in my career that i had been striving to get since so long and finally bestowed with my dreams turned reality, it’s like to be flying without wings or more correctly my “invisible-wings” into “my skies” 🙂 I thank every heart sending me “positive vibes and good prayers” to have completed my efforts into reality. Though position comes with responsibilities and surely i took a lot of time to be accustomed to my new “life” but i return back, cause….without home and family, life is just a “non-existing word”..

Sending love to all the members of this family ❤

Stay happy and blessed 🙂

Just can’t express how much did i missed this place!! Oohh!! thank god am back to my “Home”

Rosalyn ❤