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Those sunny days and the burning sun. Evaporating the life out of the body and the hectic of the schedules where one was compelled to escape the meals. I hardly remember the day when i had a full eight-hour sleep. Days were turning to night and pages being turned on calenders. Things would have never changed unless that day when you first entered into my life!

Not only you taught me to be a responsible person but also you helped me change my routine, my life, in a word, you changed the one i used to be. It was magical and i possessed by you, enjoyed every breath of my existence. I traveled to places i had never ever been and from the days of missed breakfasts and lunches i reverted to a schedule of full stomach every day.

Was it just a dream? I still can’t believe what i had been gifted with! The best that could ever happen in a woman’s life, in my life. Grace of God, that i was blessed this way. A new meaning to my life, to my existence, to my being me! Along with you, i lived each day of my childhood so clearly.

It feels my life has a meaning after you came into my life. Thanks for coming in my life ❤

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