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The loneliness is no way around now! I feel more secure, more complete and I could see the colors being painted on the canvas of my heart. The only reason is “you”. And melodies of song dissolving my worries at the very instant as i  look to your face. Nothing better could I ask from God to have given me.

My biggest worries from the exhaustion of office-work suddenly changed into having you fed! The reason for my being sleepless suddenly changed from the pending files to your safety! And winters seemed to be time for me to keep the warmth surrounding your body, the instances where the chilled winds had no bearing on my skin, rather taking all my concern just to keep you wrapped in my love! Beautiful flowers to be blooming all around, everywhere i go, whatever i see!

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How time changes! Really! What a transition, from being a chaotic person to being a reliable one. These colors of trust and a feeling of being everything for you, i really could touch the skies, i really started feeling so very special. You! What is the magic you have brought to my life? You! Which spell have you cast on me?

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Why this bondage doesn’t seem to be fetters but instead they have set me free? How have i turned more worrisome for someone else rather than for my own being? Could you see this glow on my face? The rainbows in  my eyes your love has brought to me? Could you see these smiles covering my face ever since you’ve came to my life?


You! How have you been become, “a better part of me”.