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Love is beyond imagination, it doesn’t sees the barriers of time or ages nor language or cultures and neither the color, creed, race nor that of the species….

As I think about the magical days god showered onto me, am swept away with the innocence and your trust, your faith on me! Your belief being the truest and strongest…  Might god sent you in my life just to teach me yet another beautiful meaning of loving and being loved.

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“Flora”, a mighty chick of a wild bird, suddenly entered into my life as my patient being bruised with critical head injuries and lacerations on feet. At first i wasn’t sure if i could save you. Secondly, i never planned of keeping you forever with me.. Had that compassion but never that attachment to be unable to coe up without you..

From the time we started living under one roof, i gradually shifted from just being your clinician to a guardian and then to a mother. I was filled with tremendous joy when you started eating on your own, picking food with your tiny small beak. It was already three months past that we lived together but you never made a noice. I felt you are dumb bird. But on a good day, i heard you communicate back to my voices, singing ….That joy can’t be compared, it was and has been a big achievement.

And one day suddenly you took first flight!! I was for a while dumb-struck, i couldn’t believe you having that inborn instincts to follow and succeed. Happiness ran through my body like a thunder lightening. I celebrated. I danced, i sang and best among all, i sang with you, i danced with you. Shed those tears of gratitude towards god for each miraculous moment i lived with you.

In that span of events, i couldn’t tok notice when you became mine, a better part of me, someone i wouldn’t imagine my life without…Beyond the species-barriers, you raised me to the highest feeling of my existence, being your mother…..each day, has been a gift.. And I’ve been so very blessed to be one…Thanks for coming into my life,  love you ❤