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The blanketed coccon suddenly woke up from a deep-felt sleep, anxious to step into the world unseen. And then arrived a storm of struggles and pain-laiden efforts, suffocating but worth winning.                  Why you want to exhaust all your vitalities in an attempt to see a place that’s filled with uncertainties, where you won’t be safe anymore, where you will live a fear each passing minute, where survival will be a matter of chance? When you are all protected inside my blankets, said the peraly-strings of coccon, scared of being haunted once it’s broke open.

Replied the magestic larva, blind-folded I already spent days of my life inside this warm place and I adore being here. But what nature has in store for me? Is a question that incites me for all the sufferings. Might it be my last breath as i leave this shelter, but to witness the glory of life it’s a price am willing to pay.

In no time emerged a rainbow, sparkling in it’s angelic wings, breath-takingly beautiful, mesmerizing. As it enjoyed the strength of its wings,  it felt entire sky is under its reach.

Uncertain, though, but life is worth witnessing how far we can go, what more we can do, what else can we achieve and how much are we prepared to give?  To make an uncertain life meaningful.!!

Don’t give up on yourself, it’s time to make certain change in an uncertain life…lets begin!!😊😊😊